Holy Mary, Mother of God

1st January

Everything else pales into insignificance before these three words: “Mother of God”. They are the thread which, from age to age, binds into one piece of cloth the whole tradition of the Church.

“The mother of my Lord,” says Elizabeth. “The child with his mother,” writes St Matthew. “Born of a woman,” adds St Paul. “Mary Theotokos”, that is: “Mother of God”, the inhabitants of Ephesus would cry out in the year 431, when the Council of Ephesus proclaimed the dogma. “Born of the Virgin Mary,” the Creed sings. For Jesus is only truly a man if you are truly his mother. The reality of the Word of God made flesh implies just this.

Jesus, “having loved those who were his in the world, loved them to the end,” St John says, speaking of the Passion; but this “to the end” was true right from the day that God took flesh in you, from the moment of your “yes” to the angel.

“Mother of God”: I would never have enough silent time to contemplate these three words. Like plants in the desert, that wait for days, perhaps even years, for a drop of rain in order to germinate, we must say them over and over again until your Son brings them to fruition in us.

All ages are amazed! “The one that the universe sings about but can never contain, is present in your womb,” Virgin Mother, “daughter of your Son, humble yet raised high more than all creatures.” You who fashioned the Christ, create his image also in me, holy Mary, Mother of God.

(Jacques Loew, o.p., Mon Dieu dont je suis sûr, Fayard-Mame, 1982, pg. 177)


St Louis Marie reminds us that the all-powerful God is born into our humanity through the little Virgin Mary. We must recognise our own littleness, if we are to be born again each day for God in her. This birth is at the heart of the journey towards God that he proposes for us:

This devotion is a perfect way  to reach our Lord and be united to him, for Mary is the most perfect and the most holy of all creatures, and Jesus, who came to us in a perfect manner, chose no other road for his great and wonderful journey. The Most High, the Incomprehensible One, the Inaccessible One, He who is, deigned to come down to us poor earthly creatures who are nothing at all. How was this done?

The Most High God came down to us in a perfect way through the humble Virgin Mary, without losing anything of his divinity or holiness. It is likewise through Mary that we poor creatures must ascend to almighty God in a perfect manner without having anything to fear.

God the Incomprehensible, allowed himself to be perfectly comprehended and contained by the humble Virgin Mary without losing anything of his immensity. So we must let ourselves be perfectly contained and led by the humble Virgin without any reserve on our part.

God, the Inaccessible, drew near to us and united himself closely, perfectly and even personally to our humanity through Mary without losing anything of his majesty. So it is also through Mary that we must draw near to God and unite ourselves to him perfectly, intimately, and without fear of being rejected.

Lastly, He who is deigned to come down to us who are not and turned our nothingness into God, or He who is. He did this perfectly by giving and submitting himself entirely to the young Virgin Mary, without ceasing to be in time He who is from all eternity. Likewise it is through Mary that we, who are nothing, may become like God by grace and glory. We accomplish this by giving ourselves to her so perfectly and so completely as to remain nothing, as far as self is concerned, and to be everything in her, without any fear of illusion. (TD 157)


  • Is my relationship with Mary a central element of my faith life, or rather something sentimental?
  • Does it help me to deepen my relationship with God?
  • I might re-read… ponder… take a word or a phrase that has struck me…
  • At the beginning of this New Year, I might tell my Mother Mary my reasons for relying on her…


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3 Responses to Holy Mary, Mother of God

  1. Gilles Paquette smm Gilles Paquette smm says:

    “L’Inaccessible s’est approché, s’est uni étroitement, parfaitement et même personnellement à notre humanité par Marie, sans rien perdre de sa Majesté; c’est aussi par Marie que nous devons approcher de Dieu et nous unir à sa Majesté parfaitement et étroitement, sans craindre d’être rebutés.” Voilà ma raison de compter sur Toi Marie.

  2. paccagnella p. ugo paccagnella p. ugo says:

    è consolante sapere di avere una mamma che è anche mamma del mio Signore Dio:
    Gesù, figlio suo e figlio di Dio, ha imparato dall’amore che si scambiavano Maria e Giuseppe, ad amarmi!

  3. Thank you for this post. How much I needed to hear these very words at this time: “Everything else pales into insignificance before these three words: “Mother of God””. I will share, credit, and link to this site. Thank you, again. JME